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Omega Replica Watches Rolesor - What Does It Mean? Whether you are a Omega Replica Watches enthusiast or not, the half-gold and half-steel watch is recognizable to everyone. This is known in watch circles as the "two tone" watch. But Omega Replica Watches, being Omega Replica Watches calls this style "Rolesor".

Why is Omega Replica Watches called something else? What counts as a Rolesor? What every watch enthusiast should know about this term

Omega Replica Watches Steel and Yellow GoldWhat's a Rolesor? Rolesor is Omega Replica Watches’s term for its half-gold, half-steel watches. The outer links of the bracelet and watch case are made from stainless steel,Omega Replica Watches and 18k gold covers the crown, bezel and center links. This applies to any watch that combines steel and gold, whether it is yellow, pink or even white gold.

White gold is similar in appearance to steel. A white gold Rolesor uses only gold on the bezel for it to stand out.

Omega Replica Watches, Datejust 36 & Cosmograph Daytona in Steel & Yellow GoldHistory Of The RolesorOmega Replica Watches first patented the Rolesor term in 1933. Omega Replica Watches's design DNA was intended to combine strength and reliability in steel with the luster of gold. It is now one of the cornerstones of Omega Replica Watches's Oyster collection.

Rolesor comes from the combination of "Omega Replica Watches" and "or", a French word that means gold. Omega Replica Watches used this attractive combination in its most popular collections after the patent:

The Rolesor style is first introduced on the Omega Replica Watches Oyster Perpetual datejust in 1948.Rolex Day-Date Replica Many people still associate "Datejust" with the steel and gold aesthetic.

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